I am a true believer that what you choose to wear will absolutely influence the way you feel about yourself every day. Have you ever heard that quote (or I think it’s a meme, actually) that says “I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day”? Well, what I think about that quote is that it is definitely not an irrational fear. It has been proven even by science that if you dress good, you’ll feel good (and of course you’re going to want people to turn around and look at you). It doesn’t matter where we are, we’re all aiming at looking our best, especially on the “significant days”. But there’s one thing that has caught my attention during this week and it’s that it is not just about dressing well, but also about feeling well with what you choose to wear without caring about what people think.

I think that there’s nothing more powerful than a woman who feels confident in her own skin but also feels confident with the way she dresses. You can know a lot about someone’s personality by the way he or she dresses, and that’s a fact. It all comes down to where that choice of outfit came from and how you were feeling when you chose it. Regarding the roots of where an outfit came from, I couldn’t help but notice that luxury brands are the first ones to put meaning into an outfit. Their aim during fashion week is actually very simple to put into short words: they give you the inspiration, you choose what to do with it. Beyond the story that lies behind every new collection, what happens next is how people are going to implement it into their lives and that’s how you know if a brand is winning at getting their message across or not.

And so I decided to do some research on some brands’ values and philosophies, and what I found out in common between all of them is that first, they all want to be creative, second, they all want to be authentic, third, they all want to be innovative and fourth (which is an obvious one) they all want to produce high-quality clothing with the best team they can get. But moving forward, inside their planned business models I noticed four concepts that I want to touch this week, and that’s how I think every woman can identify the best versions of herself inside her closet, and they all have to do with luxury brands’ visions in case you were wondering if fashion is only superficial:

MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE – as seen on Valentino and Fendi

This one was the one that enchanted me the most. Dress as if you’re going to make your dreams come true on that day. We will all have our significant and non-significant days, but no matter what day it is, envisioning your dreams every day will definitely give you the accurate motivation to feel the best and look your best. Even if you feel like at the end of the day your day was not as dreamy as you might have thought, at least you won’t be regretting your outfit, it will be the same feeling you get after spending an hour on a good workout, regrets zero.

DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN – as seen on Moschino

There will be times when you’ll want to feel sharp or elegant, it will all be up to your mood and occasion, but when the time comes, fashion is also there for you to have fun. Dressing up shouldn’t be a serious thing. I can’t stress enough just how much important is to pull that creativity from your insides once in a while. We all see sometimes some crazy things going down the runway during fashion week season, but if you think about it, some people out there will be courageous enough to wear that someday. Fashion brands’ invitation to be playful is also a dare for women to embrace who they are. You’ll never be wrong if you feel good.


Dressing in a certain way can have various impressions on people that get to see you, you want to make sure that impression is a reflection of who you are, not of somebody else. Taking responsibility for what you wear because it will ultimately be your personality made visible and will automatically be cool. On another note, sometimes the first thing you find your closet could be the best outfit you were looking for if you think about it. Being cool goes without stressing it too much.

CONTRASTING FEATURES – as seen on Dolce & Gabbana

The art of combining clothes, and there’s too much to choose from. Sometimes the way you wear will be a lot about the detail and when I say that I mean people will remember your face. In the end, clothes are there to be a tool for you to become memorable. The ultimate goal of every fashion brand is to dress memorable and powerful (as I have said in my last post) women and this is something that will never change.

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  1. “Even if you feel like at the end of the day your day was not as dreamy as you might have thought, at least you won’t be regretting your outfit..” 💎

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