We all have our days when we can’t fall asleep at night and we lay awake for hours and hours. When insomnia hits, it becomes the perfect moment to reflect on life, perhaps wonder about all the things we did wrong or right, the could have beens, what we could have said or done differently to make things better than they turned out to be. Insomnia is a forced “me time” and we choose whether to spend it scrolling down our Instagram’s feed or go through a deep introspection of ourselves. Ultimately, what usually happens in my case is that I always realize how easily bored I get with most of the things that happen in my life. It’s been a “thing” for me for as long as I can remember, even my mother pointed it out to me plenty of times, and I always think about it every time I have a hard time falling asleep. I’ve gotten bored of certain hobbies, routines, seeing the same people every day and even relationships that didn’t last because I stopped expressing myself enough. So I tried to organize my thoughts a little bit only to realize that fashion has been the only thing in my life that has never bored me, and it was all thanks to dance.

To me, fashion is a unique form of expression and art that can take up any form you want, and, I found out how much I loved it when I started relating it to dancing. Dance and fashion are the perfect combination because they both demonstrate grace, they get inspiration from each other and both have always been forms of expression that have never gotten me bored. So I started doing some research about what made people in the fashion industry stay in love with fashion and I found out that most of them have always loved playing dress-up since kids and never got bored, but I think that’s more related to falling in love with clothes (I mean, I also used to steal clothes from my mother as a kid). I came up with the conclusion that it’s the things or events that happen in your life that make you have that big “a-ha!” moment where you just know you’re in an unbreakable relationship with fashion or whatever it is you love. So this time I’m going to talk about how an event such as in my case, dancing, made me fall in love with fashion and not get bored with it.

I remember that when I went to my first dance class, I had no idea how to dress properly for hip-hop class or contemporary, so I started observing how dancers dressed and how unique their way of dressing was. There was something about ballet dancers that always made them look so bad-ass by just wearing pink leotards or something about a contemporary jazz dancer wearing all black with his hair all tied up. The hard thing to do when dancing, of course, was learning the technique, and although I was one of the kids who started dancing late, I was forever amazed by how creativity flew in the room every time I had a class so I was always eager to learn and keep trying. Life can take any shape or form whenever you’re dancing a new choreography because it’s a moment you allow yourself to feel whatever you like. Moreover, I can bet that the feeling that choreographers get before shows is the same one that fashion designers get before their collections hit the runway. It’s the ecstasy, anxiousness and a cluster of feelings wrapped up inside a creator’s soul that lights up any room filled with a crowd.

What bewilders me the most about dance and fashion though, is that although both are creative forms of expression, sometimes they’re not completely understood by all audiences. Both fall under the risk of becoming controversial after watching them because a choreography or a collection could reflect the creator’s most personal thoughts or sometimes even a very delicate topic. I remember once performing in this contemporary jazz recital portraying Malala Yousafzai’s life and dancing this choreography that represented Malala’s feelings after she got shot in the head and how her whole revolution started, so we had to paint half of our faces with red paint (which represented blood) on stage. The feeling that the crowd got after watching us was mixed, some of them felt the performance to the point of crying, while as other people might have thought of it as too dramatic or too theatrical. With fashion happens the exact same thing, take Alexander McQueen’s “Highland Rape” Fall/Winter collection on 1995 for example, where he got inspired by an “ethnic cleansing” but the critics saw it as some form of misogyny and also called it too dramatic from his part.  Overall, fashion and dance are both forms of expression that allow the audiences to come up with mixed reactions, and that’s pretty much why I love both of them, how I think they complement each other and how impossible I believe it is to get bored with them.

I have to admit that I used to be the type of woman who would always first worry about how I was going to present myself to the world and especially what the world’s perception of me was going to be, but thanks to dancing and mainly fashion I have learned to put those priorities way behind me. Whenever you’re trying to present your creative work, it is very important to first of all rebel against the idea of being accepted. What the combination of fashion and dance has taught me was that we choose how to tell our story and this is exactly how the world works now. On reflecting on whether I will eventually get bored of fashion or not, I see that case highly improbable. You never get bored with something that constantly gives you a reason to get inspired from.



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2 thoughts on “Dance inspires Fashion”

  1. Love what you said about rebelling against the idea of being accepted! I apply this in every area of life. All of the greats in this world were always kind of controversial. Thats why I do what I want, if someone doesn’t like it, im good with that. For everyone who doesnt like something, there is one that will. Great post!

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