Whether we like it or not, Fashion has been, is, and always will be part of our lives. Even if you consider yourself someone who doesn’t follow “trends”, an “outlier” or simply someone who “doesn’t care about Fashion”, the truth is that Fashion is something that is already around you, following you and most likely influencing you. It took me a while to get that, but now I am just so glad I did.

Fashion is something that is present no matter where you come from. I, myself, come from a very small country called Bolivia, located in the heart of South America. No access to the sea, and no access to an instant Fashion trend update, you might say. But even so, I can say that I have always been drawn to the fashion industry ever since I can remember, I just never sat down to consider that I could one day try to make it part of my world for real and actually have a voice in it. I started reading all type of Fashion magazines at a very young age, from waiting for my mom to be ready at the hair salon, to actually giving money to anyone who would go to the United States and ask them to just bring me a Vogue magazine, nothing else.

Where I come from, you don’t get the chance to study fashion design, let alone study these new careers that emerged years after where now they basically train you for every single job place in the Fashion industry. So I chose to study finance because I thought I was good with numbers. I was thankfully at this business school in the university where they’d teach you to find an entrepreneurship opportunity anywhere, and so I remember pulling all sides of my creative chords to focus them on Fashion during my first courses, which were related to finding your leadership skills and developing ideas for corporate strategy.

Finance can be very entertaining when you begin to understand it, you know? There was a moment in my life where I was intensely drawn to it, except that when they would ask me to check stock prices I would only check the ones that belonged to the Fashion industry. And so, later on, I ended up working for one of the largest banks in my country, still fifty percent convinced that I could make a good career in finance, which I could have, except that one of the top three reasons on why I decided to leave my job to study abroad in Milan was related to how much I refused to keep wearing a bank uniform who wouldn’t represent who I am from nine to five.

I think that moment was a big click to realize just how much Fashion means to me. I just know that because of it I’m always going to be willing to push my own limits, to go against what had always been expected of me to be. I know that no matter how ugly my day gets, at the end of the day I know that Fashion will always be there to inspire me. And when I tried to explain this to some people back at home, most of them wouldn’t understand, and that’s pretty common. Fashion means more than just wearing the latest trends or being a shopping addict. It goes beyond choosing that floral skirt that came out this season just because you think it’s “cute”. There’s a story behind every single piece of garment we choose to wear every day. I think that’s why I admire fashion designers so much, you know? Not every designer makes it, but the ones that do will make sure to transmit that powerful flow of creativity and passion that they have going on inside them, and it will be deadly inspiring.

Before daring to write this down I sat down to think: okay, why am I doing this? And the main reason for me was passion. Fashion makes me feel passionate about everything that I do, in every single second of my life. And now that I’ve come from living in a city like La Paz to the glamorous Milano, I just can’t help but feel more energetic about everything that I do, because I am now for real breathing that same fashion air that has been calling me during my entire life. Whenever I watch a famous brand collection, news in the media or just the thought that fashion week is coming in Milan, I get the same sensations that we all get when we’re in love. It gives me the goosebumps and that unique feeling of excitement in my whole body. It is like you get constant shocks of inspiration, to the point where you just need to express them and start talking about them. I guess that’s how you know you’re very passionate about something, so you might as well make it part of your life forever. I never realized this before, but Fashion has always been the one thing that has kept me going and the one thing that has never left my side, keeping me hopeful for a better future. So then, starting to write this down was a no-brainer for me. If Fashion can evolve all the time, why can’t I?

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4 thoughts on “From Finance to Fashion”

  1. I like this a lot, I think most of the people working in fashion had to make the risky choice at one point to make sure they would spend every day of their lives doing something they love. It’s good to see that it’s working for you.

  2. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have truly loved surfing around your blog posts. In any case Ill be subscribing to your feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!

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