Part of the reason why people hate the idea of working at an office stuck to a routine is because of how uncomfortable they feel in them. We spend most of our lives working, and so the place we work should be one of the places that identify us the most and a place that we feel the most comfortable at because after all, our workplace is our second home. At the beginning of Milan Design Week, I got the chance to visit the Vogue Italia headquarters to find out how they took their lives in the office to the next level, by letting eight famous designers do an interior design intervention. The name of the project was “Life in Vogue”, a reflection on the way of living the contemporary office. And so, I didn’t go there exactly to see how the editorial team of Vogue works, but instead I went there to get the idea of how interesting it would be if your working space really reflected what you do, who you are as a person and moreover an idea that you have in your mind that could be interpreted by anyone who goes in. Each of the editorial rooms had a unique theme to it, and what really caught my attention was all the creative work put into them so, in this blog post, I’m going to talk about my favorite (although I loved them all) editorial rooms of the Vogue Italia headquarters.


The first room to visit was the editor-in-chief’s office, where everything had a very creamy effect to it. Apart from the round sofa and chairs that helped give the whole room a soft and warm feeling to it, my favorite thing to look at was the walls. The fact that they were decorated with hand-painted canvases depicting the covers of Vogue Italia gave me a sense of nostalgia because they represented the transition of having had a female editor-in-chief (Franca Sozzani) to the current male one (Emanuele Farneti).


This one I found very interesting because the second you stepped in, you felt transported into this mixed psychedelic world of a mixture between the past, the present, and the future. There was a sofa with a mannequin on it wearing virtual reality glasses that caught my attention, as well as a tall table with no chair to the left that had a very “antique” touch to it that represented that the designer liked to work standing up. It was definitely a contrasting experience where everything flowed together and it got me thinking that denying the past is impossible because you’ll always go back to it to build your future.


Now this one got to be one of my favorites especially because the whole environment was surrounded by Vogue’s editorial works and covers of the magazine. But apart from that, I loved how the aesthetics of fashion combined with design was clear to see in the room. It was also much aligned and if you saw the room from different angles, you could tell that it was definitely one that had a comfortable and stimulating energy. After all, what got me very excited was that most of the editing happened in that room, and it was amazing to think that I was standing at the same place where all the magic for the magazine happened.


Last but not least, I was of course beyond excited when I stepped on the wardrobe. It was not just the focal point of the whole headquarters but also a place where you knew all the stories for the magazine happen. I loved how illuminated the whole room was, as well as how the designer gave her unique youthful touch into it with the illustrations on papercraft on the walls. The room was perfectly organized so you could get a sense of all the color going on and I can tell how wonderful it must be to be able to work there and prepare the new stories.

Vogue Italia had an amazing initiative for Milan Design Week. I believe that as the most influential magazine in the fashion industry, it’s always a good turn to be supporting the best designers and to be able to bring their work as close as to their headquarters. Moreover, I can’t wait to grab the first Casa Vogue issue on my hands, because I believe it’s a good addition to what the magazine already brings to the industry. The whole experience of being inside the headquarters for the first time was like a fairytale to me, because legends work there and I was more than delighted as a loyal reader of the magazine to be welcomed there.




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  1. Wow! I bet pictures do not do justice. While I can’t relate to working in an office, I do agree that so many are stuck in cubicles. This was such a great read and it made me think of the movie “Devil Wears Prada”.

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