I am never going to forget how people in Milan got crazy about getting free t-shirts and balloons at Milan Vogue Fashion’s Night Out before Fashion Week started last September. One thing that has never ceased to amaze me is how clothing brands are constantly innovating in the way they present their new collections and how they sell them. So let’s talk about clothes here. “Fashion Week is just a bunch of catwalks showing a bunch of clothes, right?” And yeah, of course, sure, you can say that! But in my head, I’d be thinking, “NOOO, IT’S NOT JUST THAT! IT’S ALL BECOME SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!”

I guess that’s why I was also in line for getting an FNO balloon, too.

We might be in one of the most competitive generations we’ve been in decades, and Fashion is taking the leading part on stage when it comes to that. People ask me about why specifically I am excited about every Fashion Week coming up, and I always reply to them saying: “Because they’re all shows, and I love shows.” And I am going to start throwing the reasons why right now with my favorite example at the moment.

Take Tommy Hilfiger, and I’m going to start by talking about it for the sake that this one has been one of the most recognized brands lately because of how personal they get with their audience. For the past four years, Tommy has never disappointed anyone when it comes to knowing how to grab people’s attention and has done it gracefully by implementing their new see-now-buy-now sales model. This sales format basically consists of making collections instantly available to buy right after they hit the runway. It is obviously costly and especially means a great challenge and transition for the brands that use it (Burberry and Ralph Lauren are other examples of brands that applied this format).

One thing that I love about the whole TommyNow movement is that they dared to go with their gut and people loved it. You have to be very cautious and strategic when taking a new sales approach, and it’s satisfying to know that Tommy succeeded in doing it. Moreover, the most exciting thing about it (apart from having Gigi Hadid as their ambassador for the fourth time, obviously) is that every year the brand has been pulling off very different themes for Fashion Week. It started by portraying a nautical show, then western influences and last year they killed it when the brand went all rock n’ roll circus on everyone. This year the brand took its inspiration from SPEED or RACING INFLUENCES. It will present a selection of menswear and womenswear fashion pieces, so we might expect to see a lot of black and white along with the brand’s main colors, leather, color blocking and perhaps the famous finger-less driving gloves. Now, taking the inspiration from speed is not precisely what makes the brand innovative, Dior and Ralph Lauren have taken this inspiration into their collections too last fall. What makes the brand innovative is that it dares to present a global platform to be taken on tour, going from New York, Los Angeles, London and now ending this weekend for the first time in Milan. Moreover, Tommy is closing the Milan Fashion Week, so they definitely had to make a social media impression too! You can say that Fashion lovers in Milan are going crazy over Tommy as I’m writing this down (myself, included). This year TommyNow decided to choose people from Instagram to attend their Fashion Show. Talk about impressions! That is exactly what a brand makes to become one worthy of talking (as well as spending right after).

So, putting it into Tommy’s words, “we want to achieve a fusion of fashion, entertainment, pop culture, experiences, performances and inspiring interactions.” That is the exact definition of what Fashion Week means to the world now. It’s all about the excitement, the unexpected shows and the influence they bring to our society as a whole picture. I am more than anxious about what this Milan Fashion Week brings to table this upcoming week. It’s Monday, and Fashion will be there to inject us with all the motivation we need. Are you ready?

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